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How Does Blueberry Work?

1. Wear Blueberry when you need to
2. Get instant haptic feedback
3. Learn trends 

Blueberry is not just 
another wearable

We rebuilt the experience for wearable augmentation from the ground up. 
Starting with better brain sensing using our accessory you can consistently track your brain activity. Get real-time feedback and insights to help nudge yourself to understand your mental effort/stress during the day.
We built Blueberry to give you more active mind each day so you can have more time for friends, family and what matters most to you.


Blueberry helps you discover how to stay on track so that you will feel your best. 

Blueberry is flexible and easy to use

What people are saying

  • Jared C.

    "Great product for effectively measuring focus during specific activity. You'll gain insights that you didn't know were possible."

  • Mon J.

    "Bio-feedback on how long to work for is a very compelling concept for my productivity. Sometimes I'll keep trying to push through, while I should really be taking a break."

  • Jeff T.

    "I was really excited to try Blueberry! It immediately made me think about my work flow and ways I could improve it."

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